Titan Mojito

Titan Mojito

One theory is that the name Mojito is a derivative of the Spanish word mojadito meaning “a little wet”. So is perfect for the West of Scotland!! Normally made with white rum, Titan gives this classic cocktail a subtle twist and another layer of flavour. Cool, refreshing, and crisp.

Ingredients (per glass)

50ml Titan Spiced rum
2 teaspoons sugar syrup (or caster sugar)
‘Handful’ of mint leaves (approx. 8)
1 Lime
Soda water (to taste)
Mint sprig to garnish


    In a tall glass add the sugar syrup, mint leaves and a splash of soda
    Muddle (ok bash) for a bit to bruise the mint leaves and release their flavour
    Add the juice from the lime
    Add a piece of the squeezed lime
    Add the rum
    Sir well
    Fill glass with ice
    Add club soda to taste (or fill)
    Garnish with a sprig of mint