Born out of a love of Caribbean Rum.
Inspired by Clydeside Heritage.

Titan Spirits is a new Scottish company born out of a love of Caribbean rum and a review of life priorities during the pandemic in 2020.

With deep roots in Gourock and the surrounding Lower Clyde, an area that used to be bursting at the seams with Industry and which runs through the veins of our families; Shipyards, Engine Works, Engineering, Ropeworks and Sugar Refineries, we set out to develop a spiced rum that was a nod to the juxtaposition of this industrial heritage set against Inverclyde’s backdrop of immense natural beauty.

After turning our kitchens into tasting workshops, spicing and infusing, finding the tastes and textures that complemented our ideas we found flavour combinations we loved. Throughout the past year, having developed and subsequently tasted scores of different flavour profiles, we managed to turn our idea into an amazing premium product that we hope you love as much as we do.


- Gordon, Neill & Stuart

Titan Spiced Rum

We have carefully selected aged Caribbean rums to provide our perfect base spirit. We have infused this with Scottish Raspberries, Golden Syrup and exotic spices. This has been blended with the finest Caledonian water.

Our rum retains its spiritual Caribbean DNA and is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat or with your favourite mixer. Titan’s unique flavour also brings a new twist to classic cocktails.

  • Nose

    Subtly sweet Golden Syrup, Spiced ginger heat with sharp Raspberry notes.


    Smooth silky texture, with hint of vanilla and cubeb giving a background of spice and heat.

  • Finish

    Lingering nutmeg, raspberry and ginger.

Titan would like to thank

We couldn't have done this on our own, these are our amazing partners who helped us get started:

Gordon MacGilp, graphic designer

Jamie Donnelly Photography

Nikki Roberts Media

Cara Drake Conceptual Art

The Pirate and Bluebelle

Image on Glass

Lost Loch Distillery

Start-Up Drinks Lab

The View at Cloch

Deft Digital

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