Proudly named after the giant Titan crane on Greenock’s Waterfront

Industry and trade has been at the heart of the Lower Clyde for centuries.

The first shipyards in Greenock were small, starting in 1711 and supporting the booming herring trade. The first square rigged ship was built in 1764. By 1780 ships were also being built in Port Glasgow.

As the Shipbuilding trade developed in both towns 20 sites were established that between the late 1700s and the 1980s supported 93 separate Shipyard businesses. For nearly 300 years these yards constructed 10,000 vessels.

In tandem with this industry at its peak Greenock had 14 operational Sugar Refineries. Further to this there were huge Engine Works, Steering Gear firms, Ropeworks, Distilleries, Potteries and Mills.

Titan Spiced Rum celebrates this history and the thousands of our townsfolk past and present who were employed, mostly in harsh conditions, in these industries that have now largely disappeared.

We acknowledge the past and are proudly named after the giant Titan crane on Greenock’s Waterfront which has stood sentinel over much of this industry.