Titan Orange Rum (70cl, 40% ABV)



Titan Orange Rum

70cl | 40% ABV

Titan Orange Rum is the perfect stablemate to our signature spirit Titan Spiced Rum.

A blend of the finest Caribbean Rums again provides our perfect base spirit. We have infused the rum with succulent orange, golden syrup and a host of warming spices.

Titan Orange Rum also keeps its spiritual Caribbean DNA, it’s spices providing a winter glow.

As with Titan Spiced, Titan Orange Rum is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat or over ice. The flavour also complements your favourite mixers and cocktails.

Tasting Notes:

Sweet orange complemented by a hint of golden syrup with undertones of cinnamon and cloves giving a background of Autumnal heat.

Warm, smooth texture with all spice, pepper and ginger affording a Winter ambience.

Lingering nutmeg, orange and golden syrup providing a satisfying glow.